1. Participants shall be fitted with single vision glasses having a +3 add, or whatever power is necessary to totally eliminate accommodation at normal reading distance. Instructions will be given to hold the book or other viewed object so that it just begins to blur, in order to provide the maximum relaxing force on the ciliary muscle. Bifocals are not to be used since there is no guarantee that the lower part will be used for all close work. Small amounts of astigmatism shall be ignored.

2. For those participants who have weak convergence, decentering of the plus lenses toward the nose can be considered. In the rare cases when that is not enough, the use of a Myopter should be considered. This device eliminates accommodation, convergence and stereopsis.

3. For those participants who are already myopic, the use of minus lenses is to be avoided whenever possible. A blur for distance is relaxing and beneficial for the eyes. In the classroom, a seat near the front can be used. Pinhole glasses are also a useful device for seeing the chalkboard. If some correction for distance is needed, an undercorrection of perhaps 1 diopter is suggested. The distance glasses are not to be used for close work. As the ciliary spasm relaxes and the vision improves, the plus add should be increased so that the blur can still be obtained with the book held at normal reading distance.

4. Participants shall be advised about the need to hold the book as far away as possible and use as much light as possible whenever close work is done without the protection of reading glasses.

5. Participants are not to be referred for other therapies which do not address the cause of myopia, such as orthokeratology or corneal surgery.

6. Dilating eyedrops are not to be used in routine eye exams, since such drops have been shown to give erratic results and often result in erroneous prescriptions. They are also toxic. The refraction shall be performed with the eye in its natural state, not a drugged state.

7. Eye exams shall be provided for no more than $75. Inexpensive single vision eyeglasses shall be provided for no more than $75.